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FSL Autotech Co., Ltd.

LED headlight bulbs, miniature LED bulbs, LED work lights, off-road lights, search lights, wedge base bulbs, festoon ...

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    No. 29 East Keji Road, Zone A Shishan Industrial Park, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
FSL Autotech Co., Ltd. is one of the leading automotive lighting manufacturers in China. The company offers a broad portfolio of light bulbs, light fixtures and lighting kits, including: LED headlight bulbs, halogen headlight bulbs, miniature bulbs, HID work lights, HID Xenon off-road lights, HID search lights, wedge base bulbs, festoon bulbs, LED work lights, LED light bars, LED daytime running lights, sealed beams, dashboard lights, motorcycle bulbs, and related accessories. These products are marketed under its in-house brands EAGLEYE, POLI, and WAIGEER. FSL also provides private label manufacturing service for clients worldwide.

Since its founding in 1990, FSL established its position in the automotive industry by producing high quality, high efficiency lighting products. The multi-faceted solutions-based manufacturer has a unique blend of advantages that will help maximize value for their partners and customers. FSL's vision to compete as a premier automotive lighting manufacturer materialized with the establishment of its wholly owned, TUV ISO 9001/TS 16949 certified manufacturing facility that cover an operation area of 30,000 square meters. FSL consistently invests its resources to offer a sophisticated infrastructure geared for the exciting challenge of developing top-class products that require cutting-edge design, intricate craftsmanship and high-tech engineering processes.

Through dedication to innovation, FSL has been maintaining a competitive edge reflected in its diverse product offering characterized by these evolved collections of value-engineered luminaires which in turn have elevated FSL's industry position to become a global front runner. FSL is a forward-thinking company committed to the development of innovative technologies. As a prominent pioneer of the vehicle lighting market, the company has built a compelling technology portfolio that improves cost structure, performance, design time, reliability, and system integration. As one of the foremost participants in the revolution of light source technology, FSL has made innovative strides in building industry-leading LED technology into automotive lighting products by amalgamating decades of expertise from all engineering fields.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all FSL activities. All FSL staff remain committed to every customer they serve with a dedicated, unwavering devotion to manufacturing excellence in order to assure every product performs flawlessly. At every stage of development and production comprehensive functional and performance testing is conducted. Production quality is controlled and guaranteed from a supply chain of raw material-purchasing to production processing. The compliance to world's most stringent efficiency codes and regulatory requirement such as DOT, E-Mark, Inmetro are all testimonies to FSL's uncompromising emphasis on quality and reliability.
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